Civil Servants, Pensioners Celebrate as Makinde Fulfils Wage Promise

Civil servants and pensioners in Oyo State are expressing jubilation as they begin receiving the welfare packages pledged by Governor Seyi Makinde earlier this week. The governor’s announcement included the approval of N15,000 for each pensioner and N25,000 for every civil servant on the state’s payroll. Payments commenced in October 2023 and will continue for six months, aiming to alleviate the economic challenges faced by individuals in the state.

Governor Makinde, in his commitment to the well-being of the workforce, assured labor union leaders that his administration would actively pursue more sustainable solutions for workers within the designated six-month period. Emphasizing the importance of prioritizing the welfare of employees, the governor affirmed his dedication to addressing the needs of the people of Oyo State.

The tangible implementation of the welfare package underscores Governor Makinde’s responsiveness to the economic difficulties experienced by civil servants and pensioners. The governor’s strategic approach not only addresses immediate concerns but also reflects a forward-looking commitment to fostering sustained well-being and financial stability for workers in the state.

As the disbursement of funds begins, the impact of these welfare measures is expected to resonate positively among beneficiaries, contributing to improved livelihoods and reinforcing the government’s commitment to the welfare of its citizens. The celebratory atmosphere among civil servants and pensioners reflects the tangible manifestation of Governor Makinde’s promises.

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