Chris Brown Sued $20m For Alleged Rape

US Singer, Chris Brown, has been sued for allegedly raping a lady on Diddy’s yacht parked at the latter’s Star Island home.

According to TMZ, the singer is being sued by a Jane Doe who says she’s a professional choreographer, dancer, model and musical artist.

Doe claimed Chris went from being friendly to raping her, in a matter of minutes.

In court documents, Doe claimed Brown invited her over to the yacht and he gave her a mixed drink almost as soon as she got there.

After he filled her cup a second time, she said she began to feel “a sudden, unexplained change in consciousness.”

According to the suit, the woman claimed she also felt “disoriented, physically unstable, and started to fall in and out of sleep” … and that’s when she says Chris led her into a bedroom while she was “drugged” and “half-asleep.”

Doe claimed he raped her and is suing for a $20 million lawsuit

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