China Condemns G7 Leaders’ Criticism, Expresses Firm Opposition

China’s Strong Dissatisfaction: G7 Leaders Draw Beijing’s Criticism

In response to a communique released by G7 leaders, China expressed “strong dissatisfaction” and voiced its opposition to what it perceived as manipulation, smearing, and attacks on China. The communique addressed various contentious issues, including the South China Sea, human rights concerns, and alleged interference in the democracies of G7 member countries.

G7’s Focus on China-related Issues

The G7 leaders’ communique raised concerns about China’s actions in the South China Sea, an area of geopolitical significance. The statement highlighted the need for a peaceful resolution, respect for international law, and the freedom of navigation and overflight. These sentiments reflect the G7’s commitment to upholding a rules-based international order.

Human Rights and Democratic Interference Concerns

The communique also touched upon human rights issues and alleged interference by China in the democracies of G7 member nations. The leaders expressed their concerns regarding human rights violations and called for accountability and transparency. The mention of interference reflects the G7’s apprehensions about Beijing’s influence and its potential impact on democratic processes.

China’s Firm Opposition

In response to the G7 communique, a spokesman for the Chinese foreign ministry expressed Beijing’s “firm opposition” to what it perceives as manipulation and attacks on China. The statement reflects China’s discontent with the G7’s criticism and its assertion that the communique smears China’s reputation and undermines its interests.

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