China Accuses US Of Disinformation Campaign

Chinese Foreign Ministry Dismisses Hacking Claims as Unprofessional

China has responded to allegations of state-sponsored hacking by the United States and its allies, accusing them of engaging in a “disinformation campaign.” The foreign ministry spokeswoman, Mao Ning, criticized the claims and called the report presented by Washington and Microsoft as lacking a proper chain of evidence. She described it as a “scissors-and-paste work” and dismissed the accusations as part of a collective effort by the Five Eyes coalition countries to spread disinformation.

Microsoft’s Report Points to Chinese Hacking Activities in US Infrastructure

Microsoft’s report, released on Wednesday, highlighted the activities of alleged Chinese state-backed hackers targeting critical infrastructure networks in the United States. Guam, a strategically significant US territory in the Pacific, was mentioned as one of the targets. The report identified a China-sponsored actor named “Volt Typhoon” responsible for the stealthy attacks since mid-2021. The motive behind these attacks, according to the report, was long-term espionage and potential disruption of US systems during a conflict.

US and Allies Stand by Hacking Allegations, China Disputes Them

The United States and its allies in the Five Eyes security alliance, namely Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom, supported the allegations of state-sponsored hacking by China. However, China promptly denied the accusations and accused the US of being a “hacker empire.” Spokeswoman Mao Ning suggested that the US was resorting to new tactics of disseminating disinformation but emphasized that it would not change the fact that the US itself engages in hacking activities.

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