Chibok Girls: Released Girl’s Child Not For Boko Haram Member

President Muhammadu Buhari chats with one of the chibok girls that is a nursing mother.
President Muhammadu Buhari chats with one of the chibok girls who is a nursing mother.


A source close to negotiations to free the remaining schoolgirls told NAN that there was no truth whatsoever in stories making the rounds that one of the schoolgirls earlier released was impregnated by one of her Boko Haram abductors.

The informed source clarified that contrary to some media reports, the girl had conceived before her abduction. She was properly married before the abduction.

“The girl and her parents have confirmed this. The child is not a Boko Haram child,’’he said.

The released Chibok girls are doing fine

The source also debunked stories that one of the girls came back pregnant. Some reports stated that one of the released schoolgirls was four months pregnant.

The NAN source trashed the stories as unfounded.

“None of the girls released was sexually harassed or abused while in captivity by their abductors,” he said.

“The current state of the girls is a source of joy. They are receiving the best medical, psychological as well as other forms of support from the authorities as directed by the Federal Government

“All groups including the families, Bring Back Our Girls (BBOG) and also Chibok Community are happy with their condition. They are all happy with the way medical experts work to address their health conditions.

“The girls have been visited by members of International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). You will recall that the ICRC played a great role in getting the girls freed.

“It is obvious to everyone that having been in captivity, the girls were traumatised but since their release, they are showing signs of recovering well,’’he said.

Rumours, speculative reports about the state of the 21 released Boko Haram captives, are said to be creating stumbling blocks to further talks with the insurgents.

The insurgents were said to be angry with Government for breaching some understanding reached with them when the 21 girls were being handed over on October 13.

However, government sources have denied any link with various speculative reports, especially in the social media.


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