CAN Reacts To El-rufai’s Muslim Dominance

The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) has issued a response to a statement attributed to former Kaduna State governor, Nasir El-Rufai, regarding the controversial Muslim-Muslim ticket.

El-Rufai’s alleged statement, widely circulated on social media through a video, suggested that the Muslim-Muslim ticket in the gubernatorial election would continue for more than 20 years in Kaduna State. He also claimed that Muslim dominance was being replicated at the national level.

In light of these allegations, Rev. John Joseph Hayab, the Chairman of CAN in Kaduna State, addressed El-Rufai’s purported remarks during an appearance on the Morning Show programme on Arise Television. Hayab shared his views on the potential establishment of Muslim dominance in both Kaduna State and at the federal level.

He said, “To be honest with you, this video in the first place is real because that’s El-Rufai for you.

“Some of us have known El-Rufai for saying these kinds of things, for plotting these kinds of issues, and for masterminding these whole things. And many people thought we were just fighting or stopping him for something else. God has helped us for him to come up publicly and make Nigerians know who exactly El-Rufai is. If you have known El-Rufai for the past 20 years and you watched this video, you will know this is the El-Rufai you know because he hasn’t changed, El-Rufai remains a chameleon, El-Rufai just remains a pretense.
El-Rufai remains the same, thinking he would outsmart people by playing games. But God has helped us that he openly said his mind.

“Let me put it clear that even thinking that the victory of Asiwaju was a Muslim thing shows the problem with the man called El-Rufai. You see, the problem with the man is inferiority. He is actually living in a complex. Every day he thinks people look down on him. He says things to show his might. He acts to show his might.

“Everybody knew that the victory of Asiwaju, whatever others are contesting in court is not his concern, was collective voting by Christians in the first place. Benue State is 90 percent Christian but Asiwaju won there. Will you say Christians didn’t vote? Same in Rivers and other States. I can go on and on and look at other states.

“I don’t even understand the argument but Nigerians must know why El-Rufai is doing what he’s doing. And Nigerians need to understand the game behind all these comments. El-Rufai is up to something and I am going to say why he’s doing this so that Nigerians will understand. I don’t waste their time arguing and debating on man who is up for an agenda that we will watch and see whether it will materialize.”

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