Bwala Slams APC For Insisting On Christian Senate President

Daniel Bwala, the Spokesperson for the Peoples Democratic Party, Atiku Abubakar, has slammed the All Progressives Congress for insisting on Nigeria having a Christian as Senate President.

According to Bwala, he finds it shocking that the same Christians in the APC that had no problem with the party’s Muslim-Muslim presidential ticket are now kicking against having a Muslim as Sneate President.

He wrote on Twitter, “It is so shocking that my Christian brothers in APC who said Muslim Muslim ticket didn’t matter then are now saying senate president must be a Christian. Textbook definition of HYPOCRISY. If it didn’t matter then, it doesn’t matter now.

“It was convenient for them then to sacrifice northern minority Christians on a platter of convenience. But it is now an Islamic agenda if a Christian does not emerge as a senate president. What makes you think your Christianity is more original than that of a minority Christian

“It appears the music of equity, fairness and Justice is sweet in your mouth, it is equity, fairness and Justice for the senate president to emerge from the northwest, because they are not only missing in the power equation, but they helped in the rigged election of BAT.

“In any case, since the foundation (MM ticket) is faulty, the structure on the foundation does not matter. Mutatis mutandis

“All of them campaigning for the position from the south were the same persons who said religion didn’t matter. Now the only campaign slogan in their mouth is religion. Then, they said it was about winning formulae, okay, now we are saying it is about governing formulae.”

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