Bwala Defends Tinubu, Shares Video of Obi Falling

Former lawmaker, Senator Daniel Bwala, has come to the defence of President Bola Tinubu who fell while trying to climb a van at the Eagles Square in Abuja on June 12.

The incident which was captured on live television has been made into a big issue by political opponents of the President.

Reacting, Bwala said the incident was just a misstep, just as he shared a video showing how something similar happened to the 2023 president candidate of the Labour Party, Peter Obi, and US President Joe Biden.

He shared on X, “Whenever I see these barbaric miscreants making issue out of non issue, I shudder. You want to make an issue out of a simple missteps owing to the @officialABAT presidents shoes stuck in his babariga.

“Take a look at @PeterObi Pitobi here in the video below falling and had to be assisted, did anybody make an issue out of this?

“By Gods grace it won’t be long when unsuspecting members of the public’s eyes would be open to realize that these guys are actually IPOB and their sympathizers masquerading as Obidients.”

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