Buhari Packaged To Be What He’s Not, Sold To Nigerians -Moghalu

Presidential hopeful, Kingsley Moghalu has said President Muhammadu Buhari was packaged to be what he’s not and sold to Nigerians.

This he said made many to have high expectations of his presidency under which he said things have become worse.

Moghalu said this in an interview with Vanguard during which he lamented the colossal failure of leadership in Nigeria.

He said, “What went wrong didn’t start with the Muhammadu Buhari presidency. It only got worse in the Muhammadu Buhari presidency, astronomically worse.

“What has been wrong is that Nigeria’s politics is not focused on leadership and delivering results. It is focused on tribalism, power grabs by different vested interests, mostly ethnic or religious. This is really what politics has been in Nigeria and it is the fundamental problem.

“The country is led by people who are not prepared for modern statecraft in terms of economic management, in terms of international diplomacy, in terms of ability to build a nation, in terms of ability to secure our borders and to secure Nigerians inside the borders of Nigeria.

“Another fundamental problem is the minimalisation of intellect and ideas. We have a political system in which ideas don’t matter. Only vested and sectarian interests matter. So, it is a competition of sectarian interest for power without responsibility. That is where things went wrong terribly and we see it with the Buhari Presidency.

“Many people before Buhari became president had high expectations of him not because he was a fantastic intellectual, not because he had a great track record in the past but simply because he was effectively packaged and sold to Nigerians as something that clearly he is not. He was presented as somebody who because he was a General in the Nigerian Army would tackle the security problem. It got worse under him.”

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