Buhari Failed Woefully – Ortom

Benue State Governor, Samuel Ortom, has criticized President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration, labeling it as the worst in Nigeria’s history.

According to Ortom, President Buhari’s tenure has been marked by significant failures, causing immense hardship for the Nigerian people.

During the inauguration of the Benue State Community Volunteer Guards’ headquarters in Makurdi, Governor Ortom expressed his dissatisfaction with the state of the nation.

He accused President Buhari of leading Nigeria into unprecedented levels of poverty and insecurity, contrasting it with the relative prosperity experienced during the presidency of Goodluck Jonathan.

Governor Ortom emphasized that the consequences of President Buhari’s governance have affected every Nigerian, resulting in widespread suffering. He urged the outgoing president to acknowledge his woeful performance and take responsibility for the negative impact it has had on the lives of citizens.

He said, “I served under the then President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration and we all saw how Nigeria flourished under that administration. We all knew what the prices of goods and services were at the time.

“We also know what our exchange rate was at the time and what it is today. I want Nigerians to do a simple comparison and you will realise how bad it has been under this government and how Nigeria has been taken several years backwards by the Buhari government.

“The fact is that never in the history of Nigeria did we experience this kind of bad governance in the country.

“Corruption is so endemic in this government, yet people who steal chicken are thrown into prison, but people in government who are busy stealing the wealth of the people are walking free.

“The President recently apologised to Nigerians; we accept the apology but he must be told that he failed woefully and Nigerians are feeling the impact of that failure because we are all suffering.”

Ortom also lamented the refusal of Buhari to curb the excesses of the armed Fulani herdsmen and designate them a terrorist organisation for being responsible for the killings in the country.

“The President told us he is retiring to tend to his cattle, is it because he is returning to be a herder that he failed to deal decisively with herdsmen? That was unfair to Nigerians,” he added.

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