Buhari Dehumanised Nigerians, Destroyed Lives – Sowore

Presidential candidate Omoyele Sowore has slammed Buhari for asking for forgiveness from those whom his government mat gave hurt.

According to him, what Buhari did was more than hurt Nigerians.

In a post on Twitter, Sowore states that the president dehumanised Nigerians and destroyed innocent lives.

He said, “President @mbuhari you just didn’t hurt Nigeria, you dehumanised it’s citizens, you denied Nigeria of a decent life, you denied children, women, men -old and young- an opportunity to live and thrive.

“You destroyed businesses, you took innocent lives, you destroyed the educational sector, you deprived the sick and infirm an opportunity to be nursed to health. You unjustly detained and imprisoned many. You encouraged violence where you couldn’t carry it out yourself. You created division through religion bigotry and ethnicity.

“Yourself, your family members , cronies and members of your cabal perpetrated untold corruption. You borrowed Nigeria back to the Stone Age!

“Your tenure and the souls you ruined, lives you wasted , opportunities you crushed will continue to hunt and haunt your till the end of time! #Revolutionnow.”

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