President Buhari Caused Agitation – Ohuabunwa

Sam Ohuabunwa

By Ogbolu George

Sam Ohuabunwa, the former Chairman/Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Pfizer has said President Muhammadu Buhari caused the increased agitation by some groups in the South East for Biafra.

Speaking with The Sun he said the current administration and its leadership came in with inequity and ill-mindset about the Igbos.

Ohuabunwa added that the President has not shown clearly that the Igbos are part of his government.

”This government came, the inequity, the discrimination became official because the president said they were going to discriminate.

”Those who gave him 97 percent, he would treat them differently from those who gave him five percent. And he began to do it not just saying it.

”Today, in the whole of government machinery, South East is missing. In the MDAs leadership, in the military-Air force, Navy, Army, Civil Defence, Police, DSS, NIA, EFCC, the Igbo are not found.

”In the government like I said minus the ministers, we are nowhere. This discrimination now raised the awareness and caused more issues. That’s why the thing has intensified,” he said.

Nnamdi Kanu

Ohuabunwa also accused the Federal Government of making Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), a hero.

”Instead of letting him or slapping on the cheek and letting him go, they now seized him and began to refuse court order to release him. In fact, the first demonstrations of Biafra came when they started campaigning for his release.

”Before he was arrested, there was no such thing. So, I think Nigeria has a choice. The choice is create a country where there will be equity, justice and fair play if you don’t want this kind of thing to happen.

”Otherwise, you can’t stop people from seeking better position. It is their human right even for self-determination,” he said.

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