British Baby Factory: Mother Of Twelve Reveals She’s Expecting The Thirteenth

Baby addict
A pregnant Cheryl with former husband Rob and their children

By Rashidat Akashat

Addicted British mother-of-twelve, Cheryl Prudham, popular as Britain’s most shameless mum, has revealed that she is pregnant again, just a few months after new relationship.

The 34-year-old is reported to have revealed to friends that she was pregnant for Lee Ball, after three months.

Baby Addict
Cheryl Prudham has moved her family after claiming they became the victims of abuse, Daily Mail

Baby Addict Excited For Her Thirteenth Child

Sun gathered that Lee and Cheryl are extremely excited at this bundle of joy, since they’ve both wanted to have a child together.

Cheryl who has been previously married to three husbands and has 12 children from her previous partners is really glad to birth thirteenth child for Lee who has just one child from another relationship.

A source who spoke with the Sun, said “They actually knew each other as friends a couple of years ago, but since she has been single they met again and hit it off.

“He doesn’t live with her at the moment but if things go well and with the baby on the way it could happen.’
An additional child to Cheryl’s brood would bring in another £712 to her annual benefits income, which is more than £40,000.

She’s admitted she is ‘addicted’ to having babies.

Daily Mail UK


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