Bolanle Ninalowo Tenders Apology For Not Appearing In ‘Extraction 2’

Bolanle Ninalowo, a well-known Nollywood actor, has publicly expressed his apologies to his fans and those who were disappointed by his absence in the Hollywood film ‘Extraction 2.’ Ninalowo had previously sparked excitement among Nigerians by suggesting that he would be featured in the highly anticipated Netflix blockbuster.

The actor had shared a brief video clip from a movie set, featuring himself alongside other cast and crew members, using the hashtag ‘Extraction 2.’ This led many to believe that he had secured a role in the sequel, generating a significant amount of anticipation among his fans. Unfortunately, when the movie was released, his fans were left disappointed as he did not appear in the final version.

Taking to his Instagram page, Ninalowo expressed his regrets for raising false expectations and clarified his actual involvement in the film. He explained that although he didn’t appear in the main movie, he did participate in a mockumentary called ‘Distraction: The Extraction of Don,’ which was inspired by Extraction 2.

The mockumentary revolves around a group of dangerous mercenaries who kidnap the creative director, Donovon Goliath, in their quest to obtain his Netflix password. Ninalowo’s role lies within this satirical production, offering a different perspective from the actual movie but still connected to the Extraction 2 storyline.

You know i ❤️ you!!!
Now lets see The Extraction of Don!!!
A Netflix mockumentary inspired by Extraction 2👌🏽”

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