Bodies Of Herbert Wigwe, Wife, Son Arrive in Nigeria

The bodies of late CEO of Access Bank Plc, Dr. Herbert Wigwe, that of his wife and son, have arrived in Nigeria from the US and were received at the Port Harcourt Airport, Rivers State.

Concise News reported that Wigwe and his wife and son died in a helicopter crash in the US.

Funeral activities have already commenced with a night of tributes held in their honour.

During the night of tributes, former Emir of Kano State, Mohammed Sanusi, revealed the profound support he received from Wigwe following his dethronement and departure from the state.

In a deeply emotional address, Sanusi recounted how Wigwe extended a helping hand during his time of need, providing sanctuary for him and his family after his dethronement.

Moved to tears, the former Emir described the late banker’s intervention as a crucial lifeline during a challenging period in his life.

He said, “When I had problems in Kano, I called him (Wigwe) about six months before I was to leave Kano, and I said to him, ‘Herbert I know you will give all your best to solve all these problems, but I am convinced that this is what is going to happen.’ And he said to me ‘Your Highness, don’t worry, whatever happens, don’t worry we are here for you.’”

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