Bodies Of Syrian Refugees Found In Freezer

Danish police investigating the incident PHOTO: Reuters

Police in Denmark have found the bodies of a slain Syrian refugee and her two young daughters in a freezer in their apartment.

Local police said in a statement that the bodies of the 27-year-old mother and her seven and nine-year-old daughters were found in the southern Danish town of Aabenraa after a concerned relative had not heard from them for days.

“Police went into the apartment and found the three bodies in a freezer,” local police said in a statement.

Manhunt for the girls’ father ongoing

Meanwhile, police confirmed in the statement that manhunt for the girls’ father had begun.

“The victim’s husband and the father of the two children was not in the apartment, and we are actively searching for him,”

The Syrian family arrived in Denmark in 2015 and were granted refugee status.

The Scandinavian nation welcomed 21,000 migrants in 2015. The influx has significantly slowed since Denmark re-established border controls in early 2016.

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