#BigBrotherNaija: Nina Ignores Food, Asks Miracle To Make Love To Her

Miracle, Nina and Mina
Mina. Source: Twitter.

Romantic pair in the 2018 edition of Big Brother Naija reality show Nina and Miracle may be taking their relationship to the next level.

The pair, who were former strategic partner, were seen professing love for each other.

In a viral video on Twitter on Tuesday, Nina and Miracle were seen conversing in a way that suggets to viewers that they want to make love.

The conversation started with Miracle who said, “I was calling so that I could kiss you. I really missed you right now.”

Reacting to this, Nina tells him that she wants “something” from him.

The excited lovebird leaned forward to kiss Nina before asking if she wants “food”.

She then caressed his face with both hands and said, “I want to make love”.

Making light of their emotions, they both laughed.

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