Biafra: How Nigeria Can End Agitation – Igbo Leader

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IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu/Twitter

National President of Anambra State Association of Town Unions (ASATU), Alex Onukwue, has said restructuring is the only way to stop the Biafra agitation, Concise News reports.

Onukwe claimed that Ndigbo have been marginalised in Nigeria, and that restructuring would bring the government closer to the people and fast-track development.

According to him, if any Nigerian of Igbo extraction becomes president, he would restructure the country even though those currently in power believe restructuring is difficult.

“Restructuring is a way of solving Nigeria’s problems permanently because when you restructure Nigeria, you allow the component parts to develop at their own pace. Now, there will be competition,” he told Daily Sun.

“People will now begin to work harder because you don’t have any alternative than to work harder; to look inwards to sustain your developments. Restructuring will do that. Restructuring will take governance closer to the people because the way it is now, too much power is concentrated in Abuja as it were.

“But if you take power closer to the people by way of regional arrangement or by states as they are now, it will bring governance closer to the people. People will have better meaning of democracy. That is what restructuring will do. But then, the issue is that restructuring Nigeria is not a thing you will say, if it doesn’t happen today, we will break it up.

“No. It is a process that you work for. What I think we will do for now is to go all out as Ndigbo and take the presidency of Nigeria. When we take the presidency of Nigeria, as people who actually know what restructuring will do for this country; as people who know that a call for restructuring is not a call for the disintegration of this country; as people who know that restructuring will benefit the people of this country more, all we need to do is to go now and take the presidency of Nigeria and use the instrumentality of that position to educate Nigerians better because those who are against restructuring today, do not even want to hear any explanation because power is in their hand.

“So, they go all out to tell people different stories and all of that; and then some people become afraid of restructuring for nothing. But when an Igbo man who knows the meaning of what we want to do takes over as president of Nigeria, he will now bring Nigerians together and look at the prospects of restructuring in a way that even a blind man will see; in a way that the naysayers will now agree and we have it.

“That’s why I say that we want both but both of them cannot happen at the same time. So, we will take the presidency of Nigeria in 2023 as God wills and then, we will use that as a way to prepare the minds of the Nigerian people for restructuring and that the Nigerian people will see that restructuring is not about dividing Nigeria but it is about making Nigeria a little more prosperous. That’s how I feel.”

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