Benue Assembly Suspends Four Members

The Benue State Assembly has taken disciplinary action by suspending four of its members. The suspended representatives are Solomon Gyila of Gwer West State Constituency, Douglass Akya representing Makurdi South, Dyako Ashwa representing Konshisha State Constituency, and Anthony Agom representing Okpokwu State Constituency.

In addition to the suspensions, the Assembly has officially endorsed the local government caretaker committees appointed by Governor Hyacinth Alia to oversee the councils’ affairs. A total of 21 nominees received confirmation, while nominees from Agatu and Oju local government areas faced rejection.

The decision to reject the nominees from Agatu and Oju was set in motion by the Majority Leader of the House, Saater Tiseer, and found support through the seconding of Peter Ipusu from Katsina-Alaa West State constituency.

As the Assembly addressed matters of internal discipline and governance, it has adjourned its sessions until December 5, 2023. This development marks a crucial juncture in the state’s legislative affairs, with decisions having implications for both the composition of the Assembly and the local governance structures under the caretaker committees.

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