Benin Were Settlers in Lagos – Comedian Seyi Law

Comedian Seyi Law has stated that Benin warriors were only settlers in Lagos, the same way Itsekiri warriors settled in the city in the past.

Seyi Law said this following a video which showed the Oba of Benin stating that Lagos was founded by his ancestors the Benin people.

In an apparent reaction, Seyi Law shared on social media, “The distortion of our history in the South West will never cease to amaze me. What is the sin of South-westerners that make some tribes want to revise our history? Maybe we just have to revisit our liberalism.

“The same way some Itsekiri warriors settled in Epe was the same way some Benin warriors settled in Isale Eko of Lagos Island. The journey of the Binis to Lagos was a joint war of the Binis and Itsekiris against my ancestor, the King of Mahin Kingdom, Oba Alagwe.

“Oba Alagwe of Mahin Kingdom had terriorised the Itsekiris and Binis so much they joined forces to kill him which led to search teams to the interior of Lagos. The fierce battle between the Binis and ilaje mahin led to the drowning of the Benin Oba which weakened their warriors and caused them to settle in Lagos.

“When the history of Lagos is written today and the Ilajes are excluded, I just laugh. The Mahi (Mahin) who have alluded to in several books are Ilajes. Oba Akinsemoyin of Eko also has an Ilaje root. Iru Kingdom in Lagos today used to be Iru Mahin land. The Ashogbons and co have Ilaje ancestry.

“Let those revising history continue, but some of us will resist it with time.”

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