Be Conscious Of People You Engage With On Social Media, RRS Boss Warns Citizens

It was an engaging evening yesterday at the 13th Annual Auditors’ Retreat as Commander RRS, CSP Yinka Egbeyemi delivered a lecture on “Security Issues and Tips in Relation to Lagos & Its Environ”.

CSP Egbeyemi’s lecture dwelt elaborately on the nature, causes of crime and steps being taken by RRS to complement the State Command in fighting crime as well as how participants can assist in crime fighting.

Some of the security tips are:

1. Social Media: be conscious of the people you add, chat with, the kind of chatting you do, posts you share (new buildings, cars, school your children go to, your office, business transaction, club you visit, your routine, etc).
2. Avoid flashy cars, if you want to have one, track it or activate its security features
3. Keep your house/building/office secured with CCTV – You never can tell when the recording would be useful.
4. Protect your SIM card, phone, ATM card and cheque leaves.
5. Develop an encoded communication style with your family members.
6. Don’t use your phone in traffic particularly at night and unsecured area. Using expensive phones at night and in dark places attracts criminals.
7. Don’t expose your laptop or bag in your car
8. keep your phone case and don’t expose cases of newly acquired gadgets in front of your house.
9. Alternate your routes to and from work.

Your Spouse:
1. know his/her closest friend in office.
2. Know his/her movement and routine.
3. Have a number you can call in case his/her line isn’t working
4. Have a mode of financial transaction

1. Have school/teacher direct contact
2. Know his/her best friends and the friends he/she keeps
3. Monitor her/his attitude and watch out for strange behavior/manners
4. Monitor the time he/she gets home.
5. Try to know what he/she does in school.

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