BDC Operators Dismiss Rumors of Dollar Selling at N1,000

Amidst circulating reports on social media platform X, formerly Twitter, alleging a steep decline in the value of the dollar, Bureau De Change operators have refuted claims of the dollar selling at N1,000 in the parallel market.

The speculation stemmed from a post on X, claiming that in Abuja, specifically at Zone 4 along Sheraton Hotel, the dollar was purportedly trading at N1,000 per $1. The post further suggested that a BDC named “Abdulsalam BDC” was selling at N900 for purchases exceeding $5,000.

However, upon investigation, a BDC operator clarified that the dollar is currently trading at N1,300 per $1, refuting the alleged lower rates circulating on social media.

The discrepancy highlights the potential spread of misinformation and the importance of verifying sources before disseminating information, particularly in financial matters that could impact market sentiment. The response from Bureau De Change operators serves to reassure the public and dispel unfounded rumors surrounding currency exchange rates, emphasizing the need for accurate reporting in the realm of financial news.

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