Bashir Ahmad Wants NFF Action Against Super Eagles Player Boniface

Former presidential aide, Bashir Ahmad, has urged the Nigeria Football Federation, NFF, to take action on a comment made by a Super Eagles player named Boniface.

In a post on X, Bashir Ahmad said Boniface made comments that could jeopardize the unity of the country.

The comment made by the Super Eagles player has, however, been taken down.

Reaching out to the NFF, Bashir Ahmad said, “I write to the Nigeria Football Federation @theNFF to express my deep concern and disappointment regarding recent comments made by @boniface_jrn, a prominent player of our national team, the Super Eagles. His comment has the potential to promote disunity, which is contrary to the ideals that our nation holds dear. Nigeria, as a diverse and culturally rich country, has always celebrated unity in diversity.

“Our national sports teams, including the Super Eagles, have been a source of pride and unity for all Nigerians. These teams serve as a unifying force, transcending ethnic, religious, and regional differences. They bring us together and allow us to celebrate our shared love for the beautiful game.

“However, it is disheartening to witness a player of the Super Eagles making statements that appear to sow division or discord. We, as lovers of Nigerian unity, believe that unity and cohesion are essential for the success of our national teams. Therefore, it is crucial that we condemn any actions or remarks that may undermine this unity.

“I kindly request that the Nigeria Football Federation takes this matter seriously and addresses it appropriately.

“I look forward to seeing positive steps taken to address it.”

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