Bashir Ahmad Knocks Obi for Visiting Nabeeha’s Family

Former presidential aide, Bashir Ahmad, has slammed ex-governor of Anambra State, Peter Obi, for paying a visit to the Al-Kadriyar family who recently had some of its members kidnapped.

This was after Obi took to social media with photos he had with members of the family just as he sympathised with them over the murder of one of their daughters, Nabeeha.

Obi captioned the photos, “Today, I witnessed yet another heartbreaking moment as I paid a condolence visit to the grieving family of Nabeeha Al-Kadriyar, brutally murdered by her abductors in the Nation’s capital, Abuja recently. At the same time, I remembered the family of the late Folashade Ariyo.

“Unfortunate challenges like these raging violence in our society bring out the strength and resilience that lies within us. It is heartbreaking to witness the pain and suffering of different families caused by the senseless acts of violence that have plagued our nation.”

Not pleased by his gesture, Ahmad wondered why Obi’s visit to Nabeeha’s family was with an entourage of journalists for photo ops.

He wrote on X, “On a serious note, it’s time for the Al-Kadriyar family to stop giving access to politicians who bring along a contingent of journalists for a visit that is more about photo opportunities than genuine sympathy. Where was Peter Obi when people were going the extra mile to see Najeebah and her sisters rescued from captivity? Yet now, he has taken the media to visit the family, which was solely to serve his personal political interests.

“Even @ProfIsaPantami and his friends, who were the major contributors to the rescue effort, didn’t carry media to visit the family.”

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