Bashir Ahmad Condemns Arrest of Non-muslims Eating During Ramadan Fasting

Former presidential aide Bashir Ahmad has condemned the arrest of non-muslims seen eating during the day at Ramadan by Hisbah police in Kano.

The Hisbah police spokesperson, Lawal Fagge, told the BBC that they had arrested 11 individuals, comprising 10 males and one female, for violating the fast.

“We arrested 11 people on Tuesday, including a woman found eating during the day, and some of them reported the matter to us,” he said.

“Ten of them are men, and they were apprehended mainly in the city center, especially around the markets. However, those arrested were released after they pledged not to repeat the offense of breaking the fast openly.”

He further stated that investigations would continue, but they would only focus on those who are not Muslims.

“We don’t arrest non-Muslims because it’s not their obligation. We only take action when we notice someone is intentionally trying to disrupt the fasting of Muslims by openly consuming food, which is against what is expected during this month of Ramadan.”

Reacting, Bashir Ahmad said on X, “Arresting non-Muslims for eating in public during Ramadan does not align with Islamic principles. The individuals responsible for such actions should face the criticism rather than attacking the religion.”

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