Bank on Uzodimma for Development, APC Tells Imo

The leadership of the All Progressives Congress (APC) on Saturday took a holistic evaluation of what Governor Hope Uzodimma has achieved in Imo State in the past three years and eight months and came to the conclusion that the State’s future development is bankable if the people reelect Uzodimma come November 11, 2023.

Leading a galaxy of the Party’s top guns who came to Owerri for the inauguration ceremony of the Imo State National Gubernatorial Campaign Council, Chairman of the APC, Dr. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje told the army of Party faithful and supporters at the Rear Admiral Ndubuisi Kanu Square in Owerri that President Ahmed Bola Ahmed was seriously looking forward to the Governor’s reelection to consummate the future development trajectory of Imo which s Uzodimma has laid the foundation.

While inaugurating members of the Campaign Council, Dr. Ganduje, the immediate past Governor of Kano State, noted that President Tinubu’s choice of the Governor of Cross River State, Sen. Bassey Otu and other key members of the Campaign Council spoke volume about the seriousness the President attaches to the election.

But the man in the eye of the storm, Governor Uzodimma, is not only optimistic that he will win the election, he is also certain that the APC in Imo State is battle ready for the contest.

Dr. Ganduje who reminded Imo people of the benefits they stand to gain by re-electing Governor Uzodimma, insisted that the Governor has worked so hard to position his State in the good books of the federal government, and is generally believed to be intelligent, loving, peaceful, hardworking.

The National Chairman of APC expressed happiness that members the APC in Imo State love their Governor from the bottom of their hearts and thanked Governor Uzodimma for the massive mobilisation at all levels of the Party.

He brought greetings from President Tinubu whom he informed, “has promised to do everything in his powers to move the State to the next level.”

The National Chairman described Governor Uzodimma as “loving, very intelligent, dexterous and cooperative” to the President and APC in general.”

On his part, he promised to assist the National Campaign Council and the State Campaign Council to ensure success in the Imo State Governorship election in November.

About changes made at the National Executive Council level, Dr. Ganduje said his administration has introduced new reforms to include; E-registration of members, “a process that will help them keep comprehensive list of their members and help them have realistic membership register.”

Secondly, he said they have decided that all Party officers and offices from polling units to National Headquarters must be accorded due recognition.

Thirdly, he said they have decided that Party executives at all levels must hold meetings every month. “This will help the State and National Working Committees to be aware of what the Government in power is doing.”

Finally, Dr. Ganduje said that his administration has decided “to establish a National Institute of Progressive Studies that will reengineer the democratic process and bring positive changes to all sectors of the country.”

He said he brought greetings from Igbo Community in Kano and assured that as “Agu-na-eche-mba of Ndigbo (the lion that protects the people), he will always protect the Igbos all over the world.

He advised Imo people to take advantage of Governor Uzodimma’s good will that cuts across ethnic divide and his wisdom, to secure the future development of Imo State.

Dr. Ganduje said he was “highly elated” with the turn out of Party faithful from the State for the inauguration, insisting that he didn’t need to be told that Governor Uzodimma has done well for the APC and for Imo people in general.

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