Baba Suwe Never Got Himself After Ordeal With NDLEA -Son

Adebowale Omidina, one of the children of late veteran actor, Babatunde Omidina aka Baba Suwe, has said his father never recovered from the ordeal he suffered at the hands of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, NDLEA.

Baba Suwe who died on Monday was at a time arrested by the NDLEA on the grounds of peddling drugs, a claim that was later found to be false.

Adebowale had shortly after his father’s death shared a video on social media in which he accused members of the actor’s family of abandoning him while he was ill.

However, while speaking at the residence on Tuesday, November 22, Adebowale apologized for making the video, saying he did not mean to disrespect anyone. He also mentioned that his father’s illness started after his drug-related ordeal.

“My father was a lovely person. Whenever I showed him his videos, he would start laughing and sometimes burst into tears and ask if it was him and if he would ever act again and I would console and assure him that he would act again, just to make him happy.

“I can’t really say this was the cause of my father’s sickness, but since his matter with the NDLEA, my dad was not himself. He used to think about his wife and he used to think about us too because he still told me a few days ago that he was not sure if he would be with us for long and I told him that he would be with us,” he said.

Recounting his father passed, Adebowale said he was in the gym when he received a call that his father wasn’t breathing properly.

“I asked them to call a nurse to treat him and when I got home, I went to his room, talked to him; he was trying to talk to me, but he could not.

“He was taking his first drip when I got home and when he was taking the second drip, I went out to wash my kits. I was washing my kits when my mum came to tell me that my dad was dead. I had to ask her if she was joking because I just left him about five minutes ago; I rushed to his room and found out that he was dead.

“I was in shock and had to make a short video and because of the shock, I didn’t know what I was doing at that moment, so I posted it on my WhatsApp status and from there it went viral.

“I was surprised that within five minutes, the video had gone viral. What I have to say is that I’m sorry; I appeal to family members that I never meant it that way because I’m still young, but the shock affected me,” he said.

Baba Suwe will be buried at his house in Ikorodu, Lagos State on Thursday, November 25.

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