Audio Leak: PDP Atiku Admits Using Fasawe, Andy Uba To Syphon Billions

Atiku Abubakar, the Peoples Democratic Party’s (PDP) presidential candidate, was captured on camera acknowledging his participation in a sophisticated plot that exploited public contracting spending for years.

The former vice president explained how he was in charge of establishing onshore dummy companies to function as a conduit for siphoning off sizeable sums from public works contracts for himself and former President Olusegun Obasanjo in a viral recording recorded by Atiku’s former assistant, Michael Achimugu.

Between 1999 through 2007, Obasanjo presided over Nigeria as president, with Atiku serving as his vice president.

Atiku also disclosed how the administration had given political associates access to money that had been stolen during the process in order to covertly finance the operations of their party.

He said, “What happened was when we came into office and I advised the president against open corruption.

“I told him to give me three people you trust and I will prepare three companies in which they will be subscribers or rather the directors.

“So that if there is any contract that we give they will act like consultants and they are given a fee. That fee is what we use to fund the party.”

A Senate investigation suggested that Atiku be punished for diverting funds to businesses he was associated with.

After the then-president, Obasanjo, transmitted accusations made against Atiku by Nigeria’s anti-corruption agency, the Senate opened the inquiry.

The investigative panel acknowledged in a report given to the Senate that it concurred with the conclusion that Atiku had assisted in the transfer of $145 million from Nigerian government accounts to banks.

The panel’s research and conclusions, nevertheless, had little effect.

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