Atiku Will Eradicate Poverty In Nigeria – Wife

The People’s Democratic Party’s (PDP) presidential candidate’s wife, Mrs. Titi Atiku Abubakar, has told Nigerians that her husband will eradicate poverty and insecurity if elected as the country’s next leader.

Mrs. Abubakar emphasized that her husband is committed to serving as Nigeria’s next president since he has experience with effective government. She made the guarantee during a town hall gathering with Ogun women in Abeokuta.

She mentioned how important her husband was to the achievements made during the eight years that former President Olusegun Obasanjo served in office.

Mrs. Atiku characterized her husband as a unifier who can address the nation’s many problems.

She enumerated the nation’s problems, including things like insecurity, unemployment, and poverty among others, and she said that her husband had the necessary experience to help the nation.

“If you voted Atiku, you vote out poverty, if you voted Atiku, you vote out insecurity. Atiku has done it before. If you voted Atiku, you vote security, you vote good economy, you vote to restructure.

“Atiku wants to restructure, Atiku wants to rebuild, Atiku wants to rescue, Atiku wants to reset Nigeria, Atiku wants to bring back the lost glory of Nigeria.

“Atiku will unify Nigeria, after all, I’m a Yoruba woman married to a Fulani man for over 50 years, that is the Nigeria that I want for us all,” she said.

She urged the Southwest to support her husband as much as possible in the election on February 25 since, if her husband is elected, she would become the first Yoruba First Lady.

She said, “No Yoruba woman has ever become a first lady in this country. So, I plead with you that for Yorubas to be happy, please vote for my husband and everything me and my husband have promised, we are going to fulfil and if we don’t do it, you can hold me responsible.

“I promise you that everything that women in Ogun State and even the entire women in the SouthWest need, I will do because I’m one of you, I’m from Osun State and I will not disappoint you.

“Don’t let the APC deceive you, remember that your vote for Atiku is a vote for Yoruba and the SouthWest.”

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