…As PDP Dies In South-East BY Romanus Nzekwe

After an extensive meeting by the 37-member zoning committee of PDP which took place in Abuja yesterday, the Media has been awash with reports that the People’s Democratic Party, PDP has finally dropped every zoning arrangement thereby throwing open their 2023 Presidential ticket.

Without dwelling on the unpopular action by the party, I, however, wish to state as follows:

That the action goes to vindicate Governor David Nweze Umahi who like the French Astrologer Nostradamus saw tomorrow and took the bold step two years ago.

Recall that when Governor Umahi triumphantly switched to the All Progressives Congress, APC in November 2020, he cited agelong marginalization of Ndigbo and the unwillingness of the PDP to field a Southeast Presidential Candidate in 2023 irrespective of agelong support enjoyed by the party in the zone as some of his reasons for his action.

His defection attracted widespread support from many who was seeing from the same prism as the Governor likewise it got tantrums from the fold of the PDP who felt they were taken unaware.

Those who condemned Governor Umahi allowed the sentiments of Political Party affiliation to becloud their sense of reasoning such that they couldn’t look into the substance of the Governor’s complaints of marginalization.

Today, the PDP by its decision which was borne out of uncontrollable controversies and utter confusion has proven that Governor Umahi saw tomorrow yesterday.

The PDP if they are in their right frame of mind at this point ought to swallow their pride and give it up to Governor Umahi for telling them the bitter truth two years ago.

I and particularly concerned about the few people from Southeast Nigeria who are yet to discover that PDP is completely exhibiting their trait as a party with no regard for Ndigbo, the true anti-Igbo political party. Those contesting for the plum job under the Party, including Peter Obi, Anyim Pius Anyim, and others should rather take firm action as a matter of urgency or risk being bathed with embarrassment, knowing that the party has nothing for the personalities of Southeast. They prefer to use and dump Ndigbo.

Why throw the party presidential slot open if not to strategically scheme Ndigbo out and place them as losers? Amidst the widespread agitation across the country for a President of Nigeria from Southeast, what stops PDP as a party from zoning their presidential ticket to Southeast if it is not a confirmation of hatred? Ndigbo must rise up, wise up and the time is now.

However be it, it is up to Nigerians to determine who was right after all and reward accordingly going into the 2023 Presidential election. The Southeasterner should now see the true concerns of Governor Umahi, his commitment, and his struggle for a Nigeria where peace, love, and equity will exist.

I, therefore, implore the creme de la creme from the southeast to immediately understand that PDP has nothing for the southeast, and should not be taken seriously as they continue to saunter into brazen oblivion. Let them (PDP) die naturally according to their desire.

Dr. Romanus Nzekwe

*A political analyst and an independent voice from the East

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