Arrests Made in Connection with Brutal Murder at Adamawa Hotel

The Adamawa State Police Command has confirmed the apprehension of three individuals in connection with the brutal murder of Bilkisu Alhaji Idi at the Happy Day Quest Inn Hotel in Yola North Local Government. The suspects, identified as Offa Jacob and Yifarta Caleb, both receptionists, and Habibu Isah, a security guard, were taken into custody following the shocking incident that occurred on January 18, 2024.

The victim, Bilkisu Alhaji Idi, was allegedly killed and beheaded by a suspected ritualist who had checked into the hotel with her. The arrests were announced by the Adamawa Police Command, shedding light on the ongoing investigation into the disturbing case.

The detained suspects, now in protective custody, are expected to provide crucial information that will aid investigators in unraveling the circumstances surrounding the heinous crime. The police have not disclosed specific details about the motive behind the murder or the identity of the suspected ritualist.

The incident has raised concerns about the safety and security measures in hotels, prompting authorities to scrutinize the circumstances leading to such a gruesome event within the premises of the Happy Day Quest Inn Hotel. The police reassured the public that the suspects’ arrest is a significant step toward achieving justice for Bilkisu Alhaji Idi and ensuring the thorough investigation of this tragic incident.

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