Army Honours Yahaya As He Vacates COAS Position

In a time-honoured military tradition, the Nigerian Army paid tribute to Lieutenant General Faruk Yahaya (rtd), former Chief of Army Staff (COAS), through a vibrant Pulling Out parade held at the Army Headquarters Garrison Parade Ground, Mogadishu Military Cantonment. The event, filled with pomp and splendour, marked the end of a distinguished career that saw Gen Yahaya rise to the pinnacle of command within the NA.

Reminiscing on a Fulfilling Military Journey

Addressing the gathering as the Special Guest of Honour and Reviewing Officer, Lt Gen Faruk Yahaya expressed profound gratitude to God for his eventful and challenging military journey. Reflecting on the trials and tribulations faced throughout his career, he acknowledged the unwavering support and steadfastness of his family and colleagues, without which his accomplishments would not have been possible.

Paying Tribute to Fallen Heroes

Gen Yahaya took a poignant moment to honour his fallen comrades who had made the ultimate sacrifice in various operational theatres across the nation. He emphasized the significant sacrifices made by the Nigerian Army in safeguarding the nation and ensuring lasting peace. He proudly asserted that the NA’s unwavering determination had left adversaries disoriented on all fronts.

Boosting Oil Production and National Security

The retired COAS also commended the troops’ exceptional efforts in countering illegal oil bunkering operations in the South-South region of Nigeria. Through their relentless actions, the country witnessed a surge in oil production, propelling Nigeria to the forefront of oil-producing nations in Africa. He urged the personnel to continue their tireless efforts and extend unwavering support to the new Chief of Army Staff, ensuring the successful execution of the NA’s constitutional responsibilities.

A Gathering of Dignitaries and Respect

The Pulling Out parade witnessed the presence of several distinguished guests, including Major General Christopher Musa, the Chief of Defence Staff, Major General Taoreed Lagbaja, the Chief of Army Staff, Rear Admiral Ikechukwu Ogalla, the Chief of Naval Staff, and former Service Chiefs. Members of the National Assembly, captains of industry, and numerous other notable individuals graced the occasion, highlighting the importance and respect accorded to Lt Gen Faruk Yahaya’s retirement.


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