Army College Of Logistics Embarks On Africa Study Tour

The Nigerian Army College of Logistics and Management (NACOLM) is embarking on Africa Study Tour (AST) 2023 to Malawi, Kenya, and Cote D’Ivoire respectively with the student of Senior Leadership and Staff Officers Course (SLSOC) 1/2023. The tour which is expected to be from 22 -28 May 2023 is part of an important component for students to get first-hand knowledge of the socio-economic, cultural, and political issues in the host countries and also constitutes a vital part of the College’s curriculum for the students.

The tour is designed to expose the students to the socio-economic, political, and security imperatives that are fundamental to the development of the African state, and expose them to the realities of the African environment as compared to the theoretical knowledge gained through various lectures and studies. More so, to acquaint the students with the problems and prospects that are common and peculiar to the countries visited and lastly, to allow the students to know other countries and compare notes with what is obtainable in Nigeria. The theme for the 2023 Africa Study Tour is *“Multilateral Co-operation: An Imperative for Regional Security”*.

The Overall Tour Director, is the Commandant of the College, Major General Adekunle Adeyinka, while the team leader visiting Cote D’Ivoire is Brigadier General AJ Aliyu, the Deputy Commandant/Director of Studies NACOLM. The Ag Director of Military Leadership and Staff Studies, Col KE Inyang, is leading team 3 to Kenya.

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