Aregbesola Seeks Forgiveness Over Rift With Oyetola

Former minister of interior, Rauf Aregbesola, is seeking forgiveness following his four year rift with his successor in Osun State, former governor Gboyega Oyetola.

According to Aregbesola, statement he made while handing over to Oyetola in Osun was misconstrued and used to drive a wedge between them.

He said he never demanded anything from Oyetola that could have been used to say Oyetola failed to provide.

Aregbesola also stated that he believes he didn’t offend anybody but would still seek forgiveness.

“In July 2019 after the Supreme Court victory, we were together in this venue where we call on ourselves to be united. I said on that day that I’d concluded my tenure and hand over to the person I preferred but warned that it was left for my successor to be a good person and that I will be the godfather.

“But my statement was misconstrued and the devil took over leading to the rift that lasted four years. I did not request anything from my successor talkless of being denied such a thing but some people just feel envious of our presence. Despite all of these, I seek forgiveness from those who felt offended by some of our actions.

“After this, I will not beg anybody again. We didn’t offend anyone and we don’t believe anyone offended us but it’s possible that they believe we offended them, that’s why we are seeking forgiveness”, he said.

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