APGA Founding Member Dumps Obiano For Obaze Ahead Anambra Polls

Oseloka Obaze Photo: Grafitti

A founding member of the All Progressives Grand Alliance Party (APGA) and chairman of the party’s stakeholders forum, Sylvester Nwobu-Alor, has declared support for Oseloka Obaze of the PDP ahead of the Anambra governorship election.

He said he withdrew his support for Governor Willie Obiano, the APGA candidate, because he is underperforming.

Speaking to Sun, the Nwobu-Alor said: ”Forget about money that is being carried around, forget about threats and all that; people will vote based on their convictions and will definitely go for a person who has been empowered to deliver, who has the commitment and integrity to deliver.

”And that person is Oseloka Obaze. He is very well introduced; he is a calm, collected, intelligent and committed person. With him on seat, we can turn Anambra State around. That is my stand on this issue.

”I believe in objectivity and sincerity of purpose. If in my house, my wife misbehaves, yes, it is my duty to protect her but if she is doing a wrong thing, I will criticise her, correct her and possibly force her to do the right thing. That is what I am doing. The issue of being a member becomes irrelevant.

”If you are a member and your association is peddling backwards instead of forward and you keep quiet, you are aiding and abetting destruction because you know it is moving towards destruction. I cannot sit down and watch the government now, because the party is already gone.”

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