APC Must Field Candidate That Can Instill Sense Of Victory – Tinubu

Presidential aspriant, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, has said the All Progressives Congress, APC, must field a presidential candidate that will instill a sense of victory and confidence for the 2023 election.

He said the candidate must also help the party to succeed in the state and local government elections in 2023.

Tinubu who spoke at the presidential primary of the APC said he was the best among the other aspirants for the party’s ticket.

He said, “As Buhari has said, our party’s objective must be to triumph in next year’s general election at all levels. The candidate you select must deliver victory in the national election and have the personal gravity and national recognition to pull us through in the state and local government elecitons as well. He must instill a sense of victory and confidence. Moreover, the candidate must united Nigerians of all walks of life and from all parts of the country. He must have the experience, leadership, knowledge and extensive personal contact to stir the diversed complicated Nigeria through this period.

“The other candidates are all good men and woman, but I sincerely believe that I am the right person this moment calls for. I have the experience, I led the transformation of Lagos from a dangerous, unweloming place to a clean, safe and vibrant place and the fifth largest economy in Africa today. I am a serious man with a serious purpose and I will use all that I know and all my abilities to benefit our people. I’, a unifying leader, I have constructed a formidable structure, one that has delivered electoral victory after electoral victory.

“I step forward because I believe I can lead our party towards the brightest future. I have expertise, my record of corporate leadership, my financial expertise, my experience as an executive governor of Lagos make me unique among all other aspirants, giving me the requisite skill to accelerate the progressives reform that will change the face of our national economy. I cannot on this day talk about a brighter and prosperous future without declaring my determination to fight terrorism and insecurity to the very end. I mourn the lives already lost and want to do everything possible to ensure justice and forever erase terror from our land.”

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