APC Is A Destroyer, Atiku Warns Nigerians

The presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, Atiku Abubakar, has said the ruling All Progressives Congress is not a party to support because it is a destroyer.

According to the former vice president, the APC destroyed the economy, education and other sectors of the country.

He said this while addressing his supporters at his party’s rally in Benin, the Edo State capital, on Saturday.

Atiku stated, “We have promised to reunify this country. What do we mean by that? We mean we are going to give each and every part of this country a sense of belonging. You will not be excluded in anything.

“Two, we promise to restore security. Whatever it is going to take us to do it, we will restore security in this country so that you can travel day and night, so that you can go to your farms, so that you can go to anywhere secured.

“We will put more policemen on the streets. We will equip them; we will fortify them and since we have promised to devolve more powers to the states and local governments, you can also have your own local police. We shall make sure your local police don’t harass you.

“Three, we will send back all our eligible children to school. They must go to school; every child must go to school.

“If you remember, during the PDP years, we established compulsory primary school education from primary to secondary school and we are tasking Nigerians to educate these children. But this government is not keeping to that promise. We promise you; every child must go to school and our universities will not go on strike.

“Again, we promise to revive the economy of this country. We will make sure that our industries, our factories, resume production in this country. We will make sure that there are enough jobs for our youths who are passing out from the schools. This is what we mean by reviving the economy.

“You have seen how APC has destroyed this country, destroyed the economy of this country. They have destroyed your educational opportunities. They have destroyed your job opportunities. APC is not a party to be supported. They are destroyers.

“Therefore, we call on you to continue to be loyal to PDP and PDP will be loyal to you”.

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