APC Brought Tinubu To Unify Nigeria — Wamakko

Bola Tinubu, the APC presidential candidate, was brought in to ensure that the nation’s unity is maintained, according to Aliyu Wamakko, a former governor of Sokoto State and the party’s leader in the state.

During a solidarity visit to his Gawon Nama home in Sokoto, Wamakko addressed the council of Obas and the leadership of the local villages.

Wamakko, while welcoming the two groups said Nigeria is one indivisible nation adding, “therefore, Sokoto is a home to all the tribes irrespective of where one comes from.”

He said “Nigeria is for all of us hence the need to come together and work for a better tomorrow.”

Wamakko explained that when he governed the state, he eliminated what were then known as school fees for non-indigenous people living in the state, he said.

He went on to say that in order to keep them in line, he also made one of them his special adviser in his administration.

He gave them the assurance that if given the nod in the elections of 2023, the APC would take them into consideration.

The All Progressives Congress’s candidates in Sokoto State, meantime, have the complete support of the state’s council of obas and local communities.

Alhaji Surajudeen Sahabi, the chairman of the Council of Obas, addressed the senator during their visit and said on behalf of the association that they were prepared to work with the APC leadership to ensure the success of the party at the Nigerian elections in 2023, particularly the presidential candidate, Tinubu, and the APC governorship candidate in Sokoto State, Ahmed Sokoto, among other candidates.

Similar to this, the Association of Sokoto State Residents Community, led by Alhaji Salmanu Oke, told Wamakko that they had come to express their unwavering support for the APC during the next elections.

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