Antony Responds to Backlash for Taunting Coventry Fans

Manchester United winger Antony has come under fire for his provocative celebration following the team’s nail-biting penalty shootout win over Coventry in the FA Cup semi-final at Wembley. After teammate Rasmus Hojlund secured victory with the final penalty, Antony’s decision to cup his ears towards the Coventry players sparked controversy.

The Brazilian’s actions have been widely criticized, especially considering the dramatic nature of the match. Manchester United, initially leading by three goals, saw their advantage erased as Coventry mounted an astonishing comeback to level the score, pushing the game into penalties.

Critics argue that Antony’s gesture was unsportsmanlike, particularly given the narrow escape Manchester United had against a lower-tier team. The incident has provoked discussions on sportsmanship and player conduct under high-pressure circumstances.

Antony has since responded on social media, writing: “Coventry proved why they reached the semi-final.

“We seeked this spot in the final for our fans and we achieved.

“The way our fans were treated by their player was not nice and I, in the heat of the moment, I’ve reacted to the provocations in a natural defense of my club!”

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