Anthony Joshua Opens Up On Incident With Students

Former Boxing Heavyweight champion, Anthony Joshua, has opened up on the incident between him and some students during his visit to Loughborough University.

Joshua was disrespected by the students while training on the campus.

They had questioned why he refused to fight Tyson Fury.

Speaking to JD Sport, he said, “I told the guys, listen, I’m here to work, I’m not here to play games.

“I’ve shown you the ultimate respect since I’ve been here. If you lot want to start going down this path of trading words and trading whatever it’s fine with me.

“I’m going to ask you; how would you like it if I break your jaw?

“I didn’t want to address it like that. But I did really feel bad for any other students that those guys do that to that don’t have the courage to address them and tell them that’s wrong what you’re doing.

“I wanted to speak to them and address them. The questions I asked, ‘how would you like it if I said certain things?’”

On the challenge of winning his titles back for a second time, Joshua admits he got it wrong the first time around.

“The fight with Usyk, he busted my a** for some rounds. I have to take that defeat like a man as well. I hold myself accountable,” said AJ.

“I’m someone who can admit when I’m wrong and hold my head high when I’m right. In the fight last September, he was right, and I was wrong.

“Simply, I have to reverse that role on August 20. I don’t like to overcomplicate the situation because there’s simplicity in genius.

“Sometimes, if you keep things simple, you can achieve great things. So I’m just going to keep things simple, move forward, and the date will soon come.”

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