Anita Joseph Shades Critics Of Her Body Structure

Anita Joseph Shades Critics Of Her Body Shape
Anita Joseph

Big Bum Nollywood actress, Anita Joseph, said that a lot of ladies pay a huge amount of money to get her kind of body structure.

The 33-year-old actress gloated about her gargantuan natural endowments after many complained that she was adding so much weight.

The mother of one in her reaction challenged her critics with a bold message that she is not slimming down anytime soon.

According to her response shared on Instagram, people have been paying millions of hard earned money to surgically enhance their curves unlike she who got it for free.

She wrote, “So some one said to me today ‘please Anita you need to reduce your hips and bum’. Excuse me, reduce these hips and bum?

“This body that people pay millions to have now? And God gave me for free, you say I should what??? Waka shege gi dere wicked evil person. Are you mad?”


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