Angry Kenyan Slices His Penis, Disposes It To Dogs

Kenyan man
Representing the story, Knife dripping blood (source: Shutterstock)

By Rashidat Akashat

A Kenyan man, after retorting that his penis was of no use to him, made himself a eunuch by slicing it and feeding it to a dog.

Star Kenya reports on Wednesday that the man from Karai part of the country first started ripping his private part with a razor. When that apparently became slow, he decided to use a knife to get the “worthless” thing off his body.

However, the adventure wasn’t as pleasant for the man who attracted neighbours with screams from his one-room apartment.

Neighbours informed the police who rushed him to Naivasha sub-county hospital after about 30 minutes of moaning.

Kenyan man found bleeding

Journalists were told by a resident, Joseph Chege, that the man was found half naked, bleeding profusely from his clits.

Chege said that the man claimed to have acted under Biblical orders, as he emphasised that the holy book ordered that he discards “any body part that would deter him from entering heaven.”

It was gathered from Chege that the man is a staff of one of the quarries and never mingled nor interacted with any resident.

Another neighbour Kabono who appeared surprised, said they still can’t fathom why the man decided to hurt himself.

Kabono said that “He decided to cut off the most important part of the body”.

A woman at the scene who gave a logical reason why the man had made himself permanently impotent, claimed that he severed that part of his body because it was “not of any service to him”.

The superintendent of the hospital, Joseph Mburu, who confirmed the incident said that the self made ‘Eunuch’ was in a terribly bad condition.

Joseph said that “He has been taken to the theatre…we hope he shall recover”.

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