Angela Okorie Plans Big Thanksgiving After Gunmen Attack

Angela Okorie (Source: Instagram)
Angela Okorie (Source: Instagram)

Days after Nollywood screen goddess, Angela Okorie survived gunmen attack, she has berated people who believe she staged it, while revealing her plans to show appreciation to God.

Recall that Okorie survived “assassins” attack on Saturday, December 14, but it is not clear who sent the assassins.

The mother of one later revealed that 10 bullets were removed from her head and two close to her eyes.

Recounting her experience in a live video on Instagram, Okorie described her survival as “undiluted grace.”

Also sharing an x-ray scan video after the attack, the mother of one said they shot sporadically for 30 minutes without her getting help from anywhere.

Still speaking on the attack on Monday, December 16, Okorie said: “Jokes apart. Let’s face Reality. If anybody who sees this and still feel it’s makeup, You need Jesus in your life. Pls, my brothers and sisters, we serve a living God. I am planning a very big thanksgiving to show how grateful I am. No man can take this glory. Anybody that says it’s made up, we wish them all this kind of makeup in Jesus name.”

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