Andrew Tate, Brother Accused of Being £21m ‘Serial Tax Evaders’

Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan have been accused of being £21 million ‘serial tax evaders’ by Devon and Cornwall Police with the force filing a civil claim against the pair in the UK.

The siblings, as well as a woman referred to only as J, are accused of failing to pay a penny in tax on millions of pounds of revenue earned from businesses online between 2014 and 2022.

The UK force is seeking around £2.8 million in seven frozen bank accounts.

Sarah Clarke KC for Devon and Cornwall Police said: ‘Andrew Tate and Tristan Tate are serial tax and VAT evaders.

‘They, in particular Andrew Tate, are brazen about it.’

Ms Clarke quoted from a video posted online by Andrew Tate, in which he said: ‘When I lived in England I refused to pay tax.’

The court heard he said his approach was ‘ignore, ignore, ignore because in the end they go away’.

The court also heard the brothers had ‘a huge number of bank accounts’ in the UK, seven of which have been frozen.

Ms Clarke said that money ‘washed around UK bank accounts’ that were used ‘as a mechanism for moving revenues from their business activities through a wide number of accounts’.

She told the court: ‘That’s what tax evasion looks like, that’s what money laundering looks like.’

The money came from products they sold online as well as their OnlyFans sites. The Tates are accused of failing to pay tax and money laundering in both the UK and Romania, the court heard.

It is claimed the brothers paid just under $12 million into an account in J’s name and opened a second account in her name, even though she had no role in their businesses.

Devon and Cornwall Police allege that this was fraud by false misrepresentation.


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