Amosun Tasks Nigerians On Development, Unity

Governor Ibikunle Amosun of Ogun state. Facebook

Governor Ibikunle Amosun of Ogun state has tasked Nigerians to re-awake the spirit of ‘Nigerianness’ in them in order to surmount the socio-economic and political challenges confronting the nation.

He urged the people not to let the sacrifice and indomitable spirit of the nation’s founding fathers to be defeated by shunning divisive tendencies.

The governor stated these on Sunday in his address at the 57th independence anniversary of Nigeria.

The ceremony, held at the MKO International Stadium, Kuto, Abeokuta, was marked with March past by men of the military, paramilitary, voluntary organisations, trade unions and students.

Sober reflection

The governor, who observed that the national day celebration was a moment of stock-taking and sober reflection, further warned that all acts capable of jeopardising the translation of the huge potentials of Nigeria into reality, must be avoided.

“We must begin to see strength in our unity and diversity. What is not in doubt is the huge potential for continued prosperity and socio-economic development as one, indivisible nation.

“We must, therefore, guard against all acts capable of jeopardizing the translation of this huge potential acts into reality.

“Let a day like this rekindle in us a nationalist fire for us to see others as brothers and sisters, irrespective of their creed or breed. In another dimension, eternal vigilance is required against divisive elements among us. We must begin, as a matter of utmost importance, to keep at arms length ethnic jingoists and religious fundamentalists who would rather see our country break up than continue to flourish.

“I charge all of us to lend our voices and our ideas to the cause of Nigeria’s unity by drowning out the voices of the few divisive elements among us whose stock-in-trade is belligerent posturing”. Amosun stated.


On the issue of restructuring, the governor admitted the issue had gained currency in recent times, but observed Nigerians have no common agreement on what should be restructured.

He pointed out that rather than heating up the polity, Nigerians should look for common ground and collectively look into the issues that affect them.

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