Americans Elected Trump To End Abortion, Says Cleric


A Nigerian bishop, Martins Ezeuku, has attributed Donald Trump’s victory in the U.S. presidential election to his stance against abortion.

“Trump’s victory is a victory for humanity. Americans have made a statement – they do not like abortion and will not support whoever supports it,” Ezeukue told the NAN in Minna, while reacting to the outcome of the Tuesday Presidential race.

Trump, a strong anti-abortion activist, floored his Democrats rival, Hilary Clinton, who supports it.

“ Abortion is a criminal offence. It involves killing of human beings and stopping them from coming into the world we are in,” he said.

The Bishop said that Americans voted someone that would not allow the killing of unborn Americans in the guise of abortion.

Cleric preaches unity

He then advised the President-elect to carry everyone along, irrespective of race, religion and ethnic differences so as to make for an even greater America.

Ezeuku also advised Tump to work toward uniting the world toward peace, prosperity and greatness

Also reacting to Trump’s electoral success, Prof. Shehu Riskua, former Vice Chancellor, Uthman Danfodio

University, Sokoto, advised blacks resident in the U.S. to conduct themselves properly to avoid conflict with authorities.

Meanwhile, Taraba residents have expressed reservation over the emergence of Trump as U.S. President-elect. Some expressed the fear that his presidency could pose a threat to global security.

‘Trump not a good choice’

One such resident, Abbas Adamu Sani, a business man, described the president-elect as “someone with a mindset against some segments of the population.”

“This is a man that, in this 21st century, says he will build a wall between America and Mexico.

“He has also vowed to ban Muslims from entering the United States on the premise that all Muslims are terrorists, which is not just true,” he said.

Another resident, Yahaya Musa, criticised Trump’s plan to scrap President Obama’s healthcare programme.

“What this means is that he has no place for the poor; the rich is his only constituency and that is bad,” he said.

A student, Janet John, expressed shock that women voted for Trump in spite of his reported disrespect for them.

On his part, Innocent Lagi, former Attorney General of Nasarawa State, said that Trump’s emergence signified uncertainty for Africans living in the U.S.

“ What it means is that Africans should start preparing to return home because Trump may not be as friendly as his predecessors,” he said.

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