Amaechi Psychologically Fighting Nigerians – Aisha Yesufu

Political activist, Aisha Yesufu, has slammed the former minister of transportation, Rotimi Amaechi, for berating Nigerians by saying they are too docile and tolerant of the malfeasance of politicians.

Amaechi made this known when he appeared as a guest at the 2023 TheNiche Annual Lecture held at Lagos on Friday.

“What is new to say? Nigerians don’t react to anything. Has any politician told you he is not a thief? Tell me one politician who says he is not a thief. Tell me one. Which politician told you he went to the university? Which politician told you he served in NYSC? Which politician told you he has a certificate? Nigerians know and still vote for them. So what’s your problem? So, I say why should I speak when there is nothing new?,” he said.

Reacting, Yesufu shared on X, “Have you ever heard of good cop /bad cop methodology?

“That’s what Amaechi is doing. While the others are physically fighting you, he comes to psychologically fight you and tell you that you don’t have the capacity to do anything so why bother?

“They labelled you bigots, and said you were rude. They even called you fascist. Meanwhile they were the ones attacking, maiming and killing you.

“They were the ones snatching ballot papers and denying people the right to vote using thugs.

“Amaechi decided to do nothing, it is a right he has. You did something and if you allow him to negate what you did and make it feel like it was nothing then the onus is on you.”

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