Alia Nullifies Ortom’s Appointments In Benue

Governor Alia Takes Swift Action to Rectify Recent Appointments

In a bold move to address concerns over recent appointments in the State Civil Service, Governor Hyacinth Alia has declared all appointments made by the previous administration from May 2022 to the present as null and void.

The decision comes as part of the governor’s commitment to ensuring a fair and transparent civil service system.

Retirement Procedures Streamlined for Civil Servants

To streamline the retirement process and maintain organizational efficiency, Governor Alia’s administration has called for immediate action from civil servants due for retirement.

Those who have yet to vacate their offices or duty posts, whether due to extension or contract appointments, are now required to proceed on retirement without delay.

Furthermore, civil servants who are eligible for retirement but have not yet submitted their letters or notices of retirement are urged to do so promptly and proceed with their retirement arrangements.

Reversion of Appointments and Transfers to Ensure Stability

Governor Alia’s administration is committed to restoring stability and consistency within the State Civil Service.

As a result, all civil servants and individuals appointed as Permanent Secretaries from January 2023 onwards are instructed to revert to their previous positions immediately.

Additionally, all postings and transfers made in the state civil service from October 2022 to the present have been declared null and void.

The affected staff members are required to return to their former ranks, stations, or offices with immediate effect.

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