Alia Laments Dilapidated State Of Benue Liason Office in Abuja

In a disheartening revelation, Benue State Governor, Hyacinth Alia, expressed shock and disappointment over the dilapidated state of the Benue State Liaison Office located on Mary Slessor street, Asokoro, Abuja.

The governor’s visit, which was unscheduled, revealed the dire condition of the office, leaving him taken aback by the extent of deterioration.

During the visit, the Liaison Officer, Vershima Anshungu, accompanied the governor on a tour of the almost completely ruined facility.

Anshungu lamented that the Abuja Municipal Area Council (AMAC) declared the building uninhabitable since the year 2020, compounding the already dire situation.

Furthermore, Anshungu highlighted the concerning issue of revenue generation within the office. Despite generating revenue, the management of the liaison office has been using these funds to pay fines imposed by AMAC since 2020.

This alarming revelation raises questions about the financial management practices within the office and the need for immediate corrective measures.

The sorry state of the Benue State Liaison Office is further emphasized by the fact that the last renovation and furnishing of the structure took place in the year 2003, almost two decades ago.

The lack of upkeep and maintenance over such an extended period has resulted in the current deplorable condition of the office, jeopardizing its functionality and ability to serve the interests of Benue State and its residents effectively.

Governor Alia, upon witnessing the state of the office, declined to comment directly, only expressing his disbelief at what he had seen. His poignant statement, “I can’t believe what I have seen,” speaks volumes about the neglect and mismanagement that have led to the present situation.

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