Alake Announces Revocation of 1,633 Mining Titles

As part of the move to cleanse Nigeria’s Solid Minerals sector, the Minister of Solid Minerals, Dele Alake, has declared the revocation of 1,633 mineral titles, including exploration titles, small-scale mining licenses, quarry licenses, and mining leases.

Alake disclosed that the revocation process was initiated by the Mining Cadastral Office on October 4, with a notice published in the Federal Government Gazette, marking a crucial step in President Bola Tinubu’s ambitious agenda to revamp and internationalize the country’s mineral resources sector.

The 30-day notice period expired on November 10, during which only 580 title holders settled their debts, prompting the approval for the revocation of the remaining 1,633 titles by the Minister. Alake emphasized the urgency for previous title holders to vacate the relevant areas immediately, with security agencies collaborating with the Mines Inspectorate of the Ministry to apprehend any defaulter found within the revoked areas.

Expressing confidence in President Tinubu’s commitment to sanitizing the Solid Minerals sector, Alake urged stakeholders’ cooperation in achieving these patriotic objectives. He extended encouragement to those who may have conducted business improperly, urging them to embrace a fresh start. Alake underscored that the ultimate beneficiaries of these efforts would be the Nigerian people, as the nation progresses towards a more transparent, competitive, and internationally viable minerals sector.

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